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Bill Ulland

Director Since 1972

Mr. Ulland is Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. He was named IKONICS' Chief Executive Officer in February of 2000 and President in December of 2000. He has been a member of the Company's Board of Directors since 1972 and has served as its Chairman since 1976. Mr. Ulland earned a degree in Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 1963 and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Administration from Purdue University in 1965. Prior to becoming the Company's Chief Executive Officer, he was involved in mineral development and evaluation as Managing Partner of the American Shield Company and President of Geomines Inc.

Rondi Erickson

Director Since 2000

Ms. Erickson was elected as a director of the Company in 2000. Currently, she owns Nokomis Restaurant. Previously Ms. Erickson was Chief Executive Officer and a director of Apprise Technologies Inc., a company that develops and sells optical and electronic-based sensor technologies. Prior to joining Apprise, in 1995, Ms. Erickson founded American Science Corporation, a registered FDA manufacturing establishment that provided contract manufacturing and research and development support for a dental pharmaceutical company. Prior to founding American Science, Ms. Erickson founded Bay West, Inc., an environmental services firm, in 1974 and served as its Chief Executive Officer.

David O. Harris

Director since 1965

Mr. Harris was elected a director of the Company in 1965. He has been President of David O. Harris, Inc., a manufacturer's representative firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for more than the past five years.

H. Leigh Severance

Director Since 2000

Mr. Severance was elected as a director of the Company in 2000. Mr. Severance has over forty years investment experience as a portfolio manager and security analyst with advisory organizations and a mutual fund, including his own firm, Severance Capital Management, which was founded in 1984 to specialize in micro and small capitalization companies and quantitative portfolio management strategies. He also co-founded Jefferson Capital Management, a large capitalization quantitative investment management company. Prior to 1984, Mr. Severance was a portfolio manager with Cambiar Investors, H.L.Severance,Inc., Founders Asset Management, and J.M. Hartwell & Company. Mr. Severance received a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Chicago in 1963. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Lifeline Therapeutics, Inc. and two private companies.

Gerald W. Simonson

Director Since 1978

Mr. Simonson was elected as a director of the Company in 1978. He has been the President of Omnetics Connector Corporation, a manufacturer of microminiature connectors for the electronics industry located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for more than the past five years.

Lockwood Carlson

Director Since 2009

Dr. Carlson is President of Carlson Consulting Group, a Minneapolis-based consulting firm providing strategic development foresight to organizations with a concentration in technical products/services. Past and present clients include Fortune 500 companies in an array of markets, including medical devices, chemicals, advanced materials, instrumentation and systems design. Dr. Carlson also serves on several other corporate and non-profit boards. Dr. Carlson holds the James Renier Chair in Technological Leadership at the Center for the Development of Technological Leadership at the University of Minnesota, where he is on the faculty and teaches in the Management of Technology program.

Ernest M. Harper

Director Since 2012

Mr. Harper joins the IKONCS board with international experience in tax management, compliance, and financial reporting. Harper worked at General Mills for over two decades where he served as Chief Tax Officer and concentrated in the structuring of international business operations, joint ventures, domestic and international acquisitions / divestitures and corporate governance. Prior to his tenure at General Mills, Harper served as a tax consultant for Ernst & Young. He received his J.D. and B.A. degrees from the University of Minnesota.

Darrell B. Lee

Director Since 2012

Mr. Lee serves as Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary at MOCON, Inc., a publicly held manufacturer of precision test and measurement instruments in Minneapolis. Mr. Lee has thusly served since 2005. Previously, Lee served as Vice President and CFO at Spinal Designs International, Inc., in the health care industry. Lee holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and an M.B.A from Minnesota State University, Mankato and a Masters of Business Taxation from the Carlson School of Business, University of Minnesota.