At the core of IKONICS’ success is the ability to quickly adapt its fundamental, commercial and technological competencies to the needs of image-consumers everywhere. Our divisions serve a wide spectrum of industries and operate worldwide.

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Chromaline Screen Print Products supplies a full line of capillary film, transfer emulsion, screen chemicals and inkjet media for the screen printing industry.

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IKONICS Imaging offers everything needed to run a sandcarving business including photoresist films, sandblasting equipment, substrates and training.

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IKONICS Industrial Inkjet Solutions revolutionizes the process of placing texture patterns into molds, offering greater resolution, improved image stability and lower cost over traditional texture-making methods.

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IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions uses Precision Abrasive Machining (PAM) technology, a non-traditional machining process, to perforate composites and other brittle materials.

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